Montpelier Elementary School
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It’s not too early to think about college and career readiness. We are thoughtful in our curriculum design so that our Kodiaks are prepared for middle school and beyond. You can view grade level curriculum resources on the district website.

We use technology to engage and empower students in their learning as we integrate technology into programs and increase student achievement in alignment with best practices. You can learn more about digital resources and technology strategies in our school improvement plan, found in the quick links on our Home page.


Strong reading skills form the basis for learning in all subject areas. From the time our youngest students enter MES to sixth grade graduation, we are focused on making sure they soar in reading.

We provide lots of time for peer reading and offer a great selection of books in our classroom libraries and school media center. Students especially enjoy Scholastic Reading Counts, a program that motivates students to read high interest books matched with online quizzes. All BCBS families have access to the online library. You can find the website in the quick links on our Home page.

Please do your part at home by reading with your child for at least 20 minutes per day. It makes a big difference!


Learning math is exciting! We supplement our math curriculum, Envision Math, with terrific hands-on resources and manipulatives. Our students particularly enjoy the technology that we use for math, such as the interactive Smart Boards, TouchMath, geoboards, and tablets.

Parents can help their children gain math awareness and skills in everyday activities. Check with teachers for practical and easy ways to help with number sense, geometry, measurement, and the language of math.