Montpelier Elementary School
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Our students have many excellent choices to enrich and extend their learning. These experiences help them recognize personal interests and talents and build confidence. It’s fabulous to see our students gain insight into themselves and realize their unlimited and amazing potential!


MES provides instruction in art, music, physical education, and keyboarding. These classes are both enjoyable and essential components in academic and social development.

Our specialists work cooperatively with classroom teachers to find ways to align their instruction and core content themes, vocabulary, and topics. This helps our students look at concepts in different ways, resulting in a richer understanding of the lesson intent.

Activities and Clubs

We highly encourage students to participate in activities outside of the classroom. MES continues to build on campus options and works closely with community organizations to share their information. Some examples of offerings include:

  • Student Council
  • Discussion groups
  • Camp Invention
  • Just Say No club
  • City-wide sports leagues
  • Scouting
  • Regional college sponsored projects

We know that you will find the folks who spearhead these activities passionate about their work and the positive impact on students’ futures. You’ll find current information on the Calendar and News pages.