Montpelier Elementary School
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions at MES. You may also find what you’re looking for in our student handbook, which you will find in the quick links section on the Home page. As always, we encourage  you to contact us directly with questions, issues, or concerns.

May I bring snacks to share in my child’s classroom?

Yes, we do allow nutritional snacks brought to share in the classrooms. We do require that you follow the BCSC Wellness Policy. Here are some key points to remember:
  • Food items brought to the classroom to share must be prepackaged.
  • We do not allow homemade food items.
  • Classroom celebrations will consist of a balance of at least 50% of identified Healthy/Better Choice items. 
  • You may obtain a list of Healthy/Better Choice items in the school office.
Together, we help children learn and practice healthy eating habits. If you have any nutrition related questions, please contact our school’s health office.
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May my child bring a cell phone to school?

Yes, we allow cell phones and other electronic devices at school. Students cannot use them during instructional time, unless directed by the teacher. All items must have clear student identification on them, and they are the sole responsibility of the student.

You will find the complete electronic devices guidelines in the student handbook (located in the Quick Links on our Home page).  Please review this information, including the legal implications of misuse.
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Does MES have a dress code?

We do not require uniforms, but we do have a list of dress guidelines in the student handbook (located in the Quick Links on our Home page). Rules are in place to promote a positive learning environment free from distractions.
The goal is for young and impressionable children to learn to present themselves with self-respect and respect for others. We expect students to refrain from wearing these items:
  • Jackets, coats, hats, bandanas, hoods, and sunglasses within the school building, unless the teacher directs it
  • Gang related clothing, symbols, or insignias
  • Clothing that advertises drugs or alcohol
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