Montpelier Elementary School
 Three Students Smiling

Our School

Educational excellence is a tradition at MES. Our configuration of classes span preschool through sixth grade and foster teacher collaboration and peer modeling.

MES utilizes a three-tiered approach to academic and behavioral success. This model helps us respond to diverse student needs. It also builds self-awareness and accountability in our students. Learn more about “Tiers for Student Success” in our school improvement plan.

All Day Kindergarten

We know that kindergarten is an important milestone in young children’s lives and filled with discovery. MES offers an all day kindergarten program that provides extended time in an active and creative environment. Teachers appreciate the extra time to spark all areas of development.

We are always available to help make your child’s transition to a full day of school smoother and happier. You can find registration and immunization information on our district website.

Behavior Expectations

In addition to the Montpelier Elementary School Code of Conduct, we have adopted Positive Behavior Supports (PBS). This framework helps us communicate and monitor expectations for behaviors in all situations.

We spend lots of time modeling and practicing, and it works! Our students are quick to show off their good behaviors so that they can receive positive feedback and rewards. MES Character Ed Stars are chosen for their stellar character, kindness, and citizenship. Look for the names and photos of these shining stars in our monthly newsletters.